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At Vest, we focus on maximizing the tax advantages of life insurance and annuities for individuals who are tax sensitive. We show you how to create a tax shield for your wealth.

Our Offerings


Tax Efficient

Often, investors seek to invest in private funds, hedge funds, private equity or other tax-inefficient investment classes that produce taxable income. When the same strategies are offered through a PPLI structure, all investment transactions are not taxable to the PPLI owner.

Low Cost Basis

The total cost of a PPLI Structure is less than 100 bps over the life of the contract. So an investment yielding 8% produces a net of 7%. By comparison, an 8% investment at a combined federal, state and local tax rate of 50% only nets 4%.


We have the ability to underwrite each insured for up to 600M as well as custom design the structure for the client to keep their preferred advisors. If you do not want to go through the underwriting process, variable annuities are available as well.



Utilizing a permanent life insurance contract as an uncorrelated asset to complement your existing portfolio can be an excellent strategy to either provide a lasting legacy, or provide income when you or your heirs need it most.


When you combine the right life insurance solution with the right trust, you will have the best available protection against predators, creditors, business liabilities, and ex-spouses.

Family Bank

70% of a family’s wealth is lost in the second generation, 90% in the third. We can help you change the narrative with a rock solid generational wealth plan. We will help give your wealth purpose and direction with the right solution


Charitable Impact

Vest can help put a plan in place to give your wealth purpose and direction. We can help maximize a charitable gifts, all with positive tax advantages.

Foreign National

Life insurance is a safe, private, and reliable methods of preserving and accumulating wealth for foreign nationals.

Business Protection

Vest can structure protection for your business, your partners, and your employees as well as help structure a smooth succession plan.


Life insurance works best, not as a standalone asset, but as complement to your existing asset portfolio and estate plan.
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