David Kleinhandler

Founder and CEO

I have spent over 30 years as an entrepreneur, investor, and industry leader within the life insurance and wealth preservation space. I’m passionate about helping individuals and families create and protect their legacies. I previously founded Blackridge Capital in 2014 to create an investment vehicle for private investments and the creation of new companies in the financial world.

I was born and raised with humble beginnings in the the Bronx, New York. Now, I live in Rye Brook with my lovely wife and daughters. I strive to make a difference by helping others well beyond wealth and advice by being an active philanthropist through several nonprofits such as Martin Luther King Foundation and UNICEF.

I am a frequent contributor to Forbes and Nasdaq.


John Zetterstrom

Chief Operating Officer

I have worked as an executive in the construction industry building the infrastructure for large privately owned businesses and start-ups. My latest venture involved fostering an environment of growth, helping the company go from $20M sales to $150M in three years. During that period I met David, Vest’s founder, while he was advising my firm on strategic risk and streamlining our buy-sell agreement structure to be more tax efficient. From there I became extremely interested in the undervalued benefits of life insurance and I came aboard the Vest team to oversee business and product development.

I have a BA in Economics from Johns Hopkins University, and serve on the Estate Planning Committee, as well as the Trust & Administration Committees for the NY State Society of CPAs


Robert Stuchiner

Co-Founder and Advisor

Robert co-founded Vest with David, and currently serves as a trusted advisor in complex financial matters. His contributions to insurance has helped shaped the modern insurance industry.

Robert is the President of Synergy Life Brokerage Group LLC. He has worked for some of the largest Insurance companies in the world, most recently at AIG as a SVP in charge of product development and market strategy. He is a pioneer in life insurance and annuity products as well as senior life settlements. Robert has a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and a MBA from the Stern School at New York University.