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Life Insurance

Offerings and Services

  • Policy Monitoring
  • Complete Underwriting Services
  • Living Insurance Plans
  • Policy Monitoring

    When was the last time you reviewed your coverage? Chances are your life has changed since then. Life insurance is not a set it and forget it asset. Changes in interest rates, adjustments to carrier ratings, and the introduction of new products are just some of the fluid variables that are impacting your policies right now. Vest’s white-glove monitoring service provides constant oversight of your policies to ensure you stay ahead of these changes.

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    Complete Underwriting Services

    The life insurance marketplace is ever-evolving with new products and services, and each carrier views health history in a different light. Our team of experts analyzes your health history against the carrier landscape to ensure you receive top-tier benefits at the most competitive prices. Vest handles everything from planning to underwriting in one seamless process.

    An Asset Class for Living

    By treating life insurance as an asset class and not a set it and forget it expense, you can create financial flexibility to support your current life plan. Vest creates a portfolio of complimentary term and permanent insurance products-- a layered approach-- that maximizes performance, value and tax efficiency ensuring the best outcomes for living. 

    • Build tax free income for retirement 
    • Avoid and mitigate estate taxes
    • Lower premiums with increased benefits
    • Help you ride out market/economy volatility
    • Secure long-term care in the event of an illness
    • Options for premium financing
    Whether it's a hard-earned milestone or a happy surprise, you should celebrate it. Let us worry about the changes your life insurance policy might need.
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