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 Life changes. So should your insurance.

Vest's policy monitoring service ensures a lifetime of coverage. Explore an example of policy monitoring below.


Monitoring a Vest Customer's Life Insurance Policy
(sample scenario)

Protect your life insurance.

Life insurance is not set it and forget it. Traditionally, we only think about life insurance when it’s time to pay the annual premium or when tragedy strikes. However, major life events such as buying a new car or having a new child influences life insurance policies. Events beyond your control such as interest rate changes and new insurance products could also impact your policy.
Your personal Vest specialist will provide customized advice and alerts, in addition to:
  • Customized annual summaries, showing if your plan is on track to meet your objectives
  • Life events Q/A and checklists, ensuring events in your life still match your current plan
  • Snapshots of ratings and data for policy providers
  • Custom articles and estate planning tips tailored to your plan and goals
  • Active reminders and alerts for policy lapses and payments

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